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Disclaimer : all modifications to your vehicle made at your own risk,
no guarantee of success or safety is implied by following any advice given on this page.
Bosch Mechanical Pump

The Hi Cube as a turbo diesel left the factory with a Lucas EPIC electronic injector pump. These are complicated beasties that require patience when fault finding, and when the pump itself breaks it is generally prohibitively expensive to repair. This can be easily solved by fitting the Bosch mechanical pump from the non-turbo engine. This had already been done on the Hi Cube by the time we took ownership so I can't compare the performance of the two, but the EPIC powered vans are quieter and have plenty of go. The Bosch-powered Hi Cube will be missing out on that go as it misses out on the EPIC's ability to add extra fuel when accelerating (unless you can get the 'turbo-topped' Land Rover version), but it does make holding a good speed, especially long hills, so much easier. Despite the Hi Cube being the least fuel efficient van shape of the MK5, it's actually been the most fuel efficient MK5 transit we've owned, keeping close to the MPG values in the hand book.

You only need a handful of parts from a non-turbo Transit to make the conversion, the Bosch pump and timing belt pully, the four steel fuel injection pipes, and the two plastic fuel pipes that go to the fuel filter. A few tweaks of the pump can improve fuel delivery to match the injectors. Whilst it's apart don't forget to change the timing belt, tensioner and water pump, it'll save you doing it all again later. For more information see the Ford Transit Forum.

Mondeo Instrument Cluster with rev counter

A popular modification is the fitting of a rev counter. These only seem to be standard fitment on the Tourneo (minibus) models, making them uncommon on the mk5 Transit, so a ways were found to adapt the cluster from the Mk1 and Mk2 Ford Mondeo. A little research and faith is needed to start with the right cluster as there are different versions depending on mechanical or electronic speedo and the position of the voltage regulator, you need to look at the rear of the clocks to make the decision. I was lucky that I made the right choice on the donor cluster. The rev counter then has to be modified to read correctly (the signal comes from the alternator, which is different on the Mondeo) which is the only difficulty, otherwise it's pretty straight forward. A more in-depth write-up can be found here.

Fitting Mk2
                                            Mondeo clocks into the Mk5
                                            Transit Transit

Twin Horns and Driving Lights

Even with newish headlights fitted, the Hi Cube doesn't quite light up the road ahead. This was solved by fitting xenon-style bulbs, with the blue tint, to aid dip beam, and a pair of spotlights to help with main beam. Both are cheap and transformative mods, although the spotlights needed a bracket, made of of some spare angle iron,  that sits on the front crossmember to mount them. After driving in Italy I also thought better horns would be good. The original single Fiamm has been replaced with a pair of Fiamm AM80S, the wiring loom is more than up to powering both.

Driving lights and
                                          twin horns

Rear View camera

In anticipation of a refit, I an going to fit a reversing camera above the rear doors, I haven't decided yet whether to make it reversing only or have it running all the time as a mirror.

Notes on Repairs
Welding rear quarters

Rebuilding Plastic Wheel Arches

Side Step Sill Rebuild

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