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Ludlow Medieval
              Christmas Fayre, 2008
English Medieval history was my first love!! I can't remember a time when I wasn't obsessed with reading and researching all aspects of medieval history and my childhood was full of excursions to abbeys and castles. I am especially passionate about researching the English Medieval monarchy and English monasticism. With all that in mind it was no suprise that we've decided to mix business with pleasure by taking 'Noctule' in that direction!

'Noctule' was first established in 1999 when we started to traded at many gothic events around the country. Between February 2001 and April 2006 we had our own Gothic clothing shop in York whilst also trading at varying festivals. We have have been a fixture at the Whitby Gothic Weekend's Bizarre Bazaar in the Spa Pavilion since April 2000.

In 2003 we took our first step into the past by having a stall at a Sealed Knot event that was actually held in the village where we live. Two years later, in 2005 we traded at the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival and it was a turning point in our business. We realised that there was a lot of interest in our eclectic mix of  stock, both with re-enactors and the public alike.

Our Tewkesbury experience inspired us to bring down the curtain on our York shop, so when the lease came up for renewal in April 2006 we left the shop behind to pursue 'greener pastures' so to speak. Since Easter 2006 we've been an 'ever present' on the Medieval and Multi-period circuit, travelling all over the UK to 30+ events per year.

Please check out our events list to see where we will be next, and our past events guide to see where we've been. At festivals we shall be trading from a natural canvas square tent; look our for our black and white 'Noctule' banner to find us. We do trade in authentic period dress (handmade by ourselves) so for those of you who only know us in our civvie/gothic don't be alarmed if you don't recognise us.



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